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Quality begins with our management principles, experienced machinists, and is completed with our meticulous quality assurance department.  From our visual measuring systems and calibration techniques & equipment, STP ensures delivery of superior products.

STP – Specialty Turn Products Inc. upholds strict quality standards; Our highly accomplished quality control professionals are all trained through a demanding program to ensure that they understand the quality expectations of STP and our clients.   

STP – Specialty Turn Products Inc. main focus is quality and on time delivery.  “We understand that the parts we provide our customers reflect on us and reflect our client.” STP has an extensive and thorough system for quality inspection coupled with an enormous success rate of on time delivery.


Specialty Turn Products has a highly qualified and experienced team of employees that are dedicated to quality parts, on-time deliveries and a professional service.

We continually invest in state of the art technology that achieves and measures exact dimensional tolerances and specifications. We use the highest quality raw materials, tooling, and implement control processes to monitor critical geometries. We use record control programs to track the product through manufacturing process.


Technology is forever changing, and in order to stay competitive within this field, we must stay current with the technological advances. STP has purchased, developed, and mastered some of the most advanced machines and adjoining software in the industry. Combining the knowledge we have gained through our experience, with our newly purchased equipment, STP is better able to provide our customers with the products they desire.

Who Is STP

STP’s mission is to provide flawless machined component parts through our state of the art equipment & highly experienced Staff.

The STP Philosophy

Specialty Turn Products Inc. focus is on Quality and On-Time Delivery.  “We understand that the parts we provide our customers reflect on us and reflect our clients standards.”

We are dedicated in providing the highest quality swiss lathe screw machine components, on time delivery and exceptional service.


The STP Promise

Our relationships are built and preserved on our dedication to quality. We are dedicated to our customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed customer requirements & expectations each and every time.

We have an impeccable quality and delivery record with our customers. Specialty Turn Products Inc. customer order tracking system, material and tooling inventory system, coupled with daily production meetings, allows STP to keep track of every order we received and prevent delays.

Our Skills

Delivery 98
Quality / Inspection 99